Workplace safety checks management checklist

The INAIL website has various examples of workplace safety projects implemented by Italian public bodies to promote and encourage a culture of safety.

One of these is a basic checklist that decision-makers can use to perform checks on compliance with workplace Safety regulations that apply to all workers.

The aim of the project is to build, test and define a management tool supervisors can use to monitor work safety in a hospital.

With this checklist, decision-makers can:

  • establish the technical, organisational and procedural aspects of workplace safety that need to be controlled and monitored;
  • design and create functional documents for collecting and updating workplace safety data;
  • plan safety checks, supervision and management.

With Canopo Audit you can create a complete checklist of 64 verification points, divided into 10 sections.

In addition to the data collection function, the software can be used to add and track improvements, actions that can also be added directly and autonomously by the coordinator for the territory under his/her jurisdiction and control, in his/her own action and intervention space.

Each verification point corresponds to one or more improvement and/or problem-solving interventions.

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