Covid-19 prevention and containment with Audit

Canopo Audit is a very useful tool for implementing Covid-19 prevention and containment measures.

Canopo Audit is an extraordinarily effective tool that can help employers quickly collect key information, essential when taking decisions and adopting countermeasures required by law and company procedures for the containment and prevention of Covid-19.

Some practical examples of utilisation scenarios:

Send fully customizable prevention questionnaires automatically via email to all company workers, and repeat periodically with multi-channel (web, app) compilation;

Voluntary compilation of a reporting questionnaire by workers when required, forwarding the result to the Company Doctor or PPSM;

Compilation of epidemiological investigations and audits with automatically generated KPIs;

Inclusion and management of various checklist types (those published by the various Italian regional authorities for example);

Automatically generated alerts and notifications sent to the Company Doctor or PPSM on the basis of pre-defined questionnaire answers;

Full compliance with Privacy legislation;

Collected data statistics and analysis;

Canopo Audit is a highly flexible tool. It’s easy to use and lets companies quickly implement essential COVID-19 prevention and containment measures.

Get in touch to book a demo and discover all the advantages of Canopo Audit.

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